Lighting Your Way

Whether the seas are calm or angry, it helps to have a reliable navigational aid – something or someone you can rely on to get you safely where you want to go. We are built and operate to do just that.

How Does Your Specialty Drug Spend Stack Up?

We empower clients by integrating the latest technology and analytics to help control the growing cost of traditional and specialty drugs across the pharmacy and medical benefits.

Know Your Numbers

We’re introducing an innovative update to our popular Performance Scorecard to help you measure and manage what really matters.

Benefit from Our Experience

At the Chelko Consulting Group, we serve our clients’ benefit plan management needs and empower them with the tools and resources to out-manage their competition. We assist medical, life and disability plan managers in becoming high performers and guide them in ways to improve employee health and productivity.

For more than fifteen years, we’ve filled a significant gap in the marketplace – the gap between enormous, market-setting consulting firms and insurance company producers/brokers. The market has responded by its demand for our unique combination of depth, expertise and affordability. We continue to grow and to serve this marketplace by delivering independent, fact-based, validated and practical results at a fraction of the cost of higher-priced firms.

Preparing for Retirement: Health, Wealth, and Appreciating Each Day

As another year passes, it makes me think about planning for retirement. No, this isn’t a retirement announcement. I’m just doing some end-of-year self-reflection — an annual status check so to speak. And, for a change of pace, this year I am sharing my thoughts with...

Medicare Drug Prices: Why Should I Care?

We often get asked about the expected impact of Medicare’s new drug price negotiations on commercial (employer-sponsored) health plans. The short answer: While there is no direct legislative impact, there may well be practical repercussions over time. Our opinion is...

What to Do When You Can’t Attest

Among other things, the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) requires group health plans to attest that they are in compliance with the CAA’s gag clause prohibition. TPAs and PBMs seem ready to attest (or sub-attest). But what’s an employer to do if its plan is not...

To be the Best, Prepare for the Worst

Whether we’re talking stop loss premiums, skyrocketing Rx costs, or even a fictitious avian flu outbreak, the recent Deep Dive Roundtable meeting sent a clear signal regarding the importance of staying vigilant when it comes to plan management. Our seventh such annual...

Reality Check: PBMs Make Commissions for Selling Drugs

Most PBMs would describe their mission as “managing” the cost of drugs and making them more affordable for customers (benefit plans and their members). They like to position themselves as loyal negotiators working on behalf of plans in dealing with drug manufacturers....
“Chelko helps us hold our healthcare vendors accountable and helps deliver results to our bottom line.”

Senior Vice President, Finance & Controller

“The Chelko team is relentless in compliance, innovation and treating our dollars like they were their own. WOW!”

Chief HR Officer

“We are very glad that we used Chelko. We made a much better decision than we would have made otherwise.”

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“I am very pleased that we have added the Chelko Group. We feel their knowledge assisted us in the long run in keeping our health plan a strong one — from both the employer’s and the employee’s viewpoints.”

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