Two common pitfalls exist in the benefits marketplace:

  1. Solutions in search of problems, and
  2. A lack of analysis and insight to properly understand and address the real cost drivers within our plans.

We avoid these pitfalls by seeking to truly know and understand before offering advice and solutions. Often, it takes more than a simple “needs analysis” discussion to truly understand and offer good advice. As a result, we’re frequently called upon to provide one or more of the following services:


Years ago, we were the first firm in the market to apply the concept of balanced scorecards to health plan management. Now in an interactive, online version, our proprietary monthly Performance Scorecard summarizes key financial and non-financial data on one easy-to-read screen or page. It helps our clients and our consultants readily determine if plan performance is developing as expected, and enables better and more decisive action as needed. Our approach continues to serve as one of the most effective tools in the marketplace to help employers out-manage medical plan trend.

In a recent performance analysis, our Scorecard users averaged a 3.5% annualized increase — roughly half market trend!

Specialty Drug Management

When it comes to Specialty Drug Management, we’ve super-charged our typical data-driven plan management process. Strengthened by our strategic partnership with Archimedes, we empower clients by integrating the latest technology and analytics to help control the growing cost of traditional and specialty drugs across the pharmacy and medical benefits.

As an Archimedes Certified Partner, we’ve been specially trained and developed deep expertise to leverage their best-in-class analytics and service solutions.

Survey Analytics

Are you wondering how your plan design features, cost measures or management approaches compare to those of other employers? Maybe it’s time to ask Chelko for help. We perform market and peer group surveys on a number of health and welfare benefit plan management topics. Is your plan an outlier? Or middle of the road? Are your results best-in-class? Or bottom quartile? We can help you find out. We can even conduct custom, peer group surveys featuring the questions at the top of your list.

Claims Data Analysis & Reporting

We have our own licensed claims data analysis and reporting software, and experience with other leading applications in the marketplace. That’s backed by decades of in-house expertise in this area developed through technical and leadership roles within major insurance companies and consulting firms. We also take advantage of direct access to health plan and PBM systems for ad hoc reporting and analysis.


A structured, intensive, and quick process of analyzing plan information and interviewing key stakeholders to identify opportunities for cost savings and program improvement. This unique diagnostic approach never fails to uncover otherwise hidden potential in health, life and disability plans.