Exchange Evaluation

Under pressure from senior management to investigate exchange options?

Wondering if a private exchange is right for you?

Getting bombarded with sales pitches from exchange “solution providers”?

Wishing you could get some unbiased advice?

As consulting firms and brokerage agencies invest tremendous amounts of money and resources into the development and marketing of private exchange solutions, many benefits professionals are being directed by senior leadership to investigate these options.

So where can you turn for sound, independent advice, when your current consultant/broker, and even your coalition, is offering its own exchange solution?

If you’re heading down this new path, it’s important that you have an experienced guide. We understand the strengths and weaknesses of each exchange vendor and have an experienced team of benefits managers and consultants to help you separate the hype from reality.

We offer you market knowledge and independent advice — not our own self-serving exchange “solution.”

Our typical exchange-related consulting services include:

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Explore:  Determine what exchange model and strategy might be best for you based on stakeholder interviews, plan and market analysis with the help of our proprietary database.

Select: Leverage our best-in-class RFP, negotiation, contracting and exchange implementation services.

Educate: Customizable communication services including culture integration models and change management.

Optimize: Ongoing vendor management, plan performance, monitoring, audit and advisory services.

If you want to assess the potential impact of an exchange solution for your active employees, pre- or post-65 retirees, we will help you decide with confidence if an exchange is right for your company. And if it is, help you select the best exchange and negotiate optimal terms of service