Plan Management

Effective plan management doesn’t begin at re-enrollment or renewal time — it is a process of ongoing diligence and continuous process improvement.

Due diligence is often anchored by our monthly Performance Scorecard process. We refer to it as a process because it is more than just a report of the key financial and non-financial measures that matter. Our monthly Performance Scorecard development and review process ensures that we are in the numbers and on top of the emerging trends within your plan.

Another element of our ongoing due diligence is detailed analysis of large claims. We regularly find the handling of large claims reveals important aspects of plan and vendor under-performance. We also conduct claim and dependent eligibility audits for employers to enhance the accuracy of their health benefit information.

We also meet regularly with our clients to assess the merits of potential plan changes — adding details and refinement as we work toward implementation. Early in the year, the focus is on analytics and strategic planning. As the year evolves, we progress to forecasting and the modeling of specific design scenarios, and then implementation.

Of course, the plan anniversary isn’t the only time change can be made. Many initiatives, especially ones that relate to consumerism and health and productivity management, can be implemented during the plan year. Leading performers manage an ongoing flow of initiatives to engage employees and their spouses in the active management of their health and their health purchasing decisions.