Total Reward Statements

Do your employees fully appreciate the value of the benefits you provide?

report-slantedOne simple way to retain and motivate your employees is by providing them with personalized and easy-to-read Total Rewards Statements that show the full value your companies benefit offering.

Never done one before? Give us a call. You might be surprised at how just a small investment can produce a big return.

Already in the habit of providing these statements, but worried that you may be overpaying? Again, give us a call. You might be surprised by the affordability of our approach.

Reasons to provide Total Rewards Statements: 

  • Remind employees about the benefits you provide.
  • Educate employees regarding the true cost of these benefits.
  • Clarify the value of your total investment in them.
  • Improve employee engagement and company loyalty.

Several templates are available for your use, or we can customize one for you!