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Specialty Drug Management

Specialty drugs make up less than 1% of prescriptions, but a staggering 50% of the typical cost of employer-sponsored drug benefits. And comparable amounts are often hidden in medical plans.

That should get your attention. It definitely has ours.

Our typical data-driven management process is known for producing actionable insight and impressive results. And when it comes to Specialty Drug Management, we’ve super-charged that model. We empower clients by integrating the latest technology and analytics to help control the growing cost of traditional and specialty drugs across the pharmacy and medical benefits.

We’ve been specially trained and have developed deep expertise to leverage best-in-class analytics and service solutions.

It goes beyond a pricing review of pharmacy benefit contracting to identify management opportunities across medical and pharmacy benefits, inappropriate use of specialty drugs, billing errors, and more.

And as with all our work, detailed analysis and ongoing monitoring leads to actionable insight, which we use to help you implement cost-saving strategies for your plan.

Measuring program results can be accomplished on a cost-specific basis by employing Archimedes’ SpecialtyIQ™, a comprehensive business intelligence and reporting tool for specialty drugs under medical and pharmacy. SpecialtyIQ enables us to stay abreast of emerging trends and savings opportunities and to manage the effectiveness of vendors, including PBMs, health plans, specialty pharmacies, physicians, and hospitals.