Webinar System Requirements



We use the web-based Demio platform for our webinars. To avoid or correct any technical issue you may have, please refer to the information below.


Supported Browsers

Demio supports the full-gamut of browsers.

On desktop, Demio supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge. Here are the minimum version requirements for each browser:

  • Chrome 55+
  • Firefox 53+
  • Safari 12.1+
  • Edge 42

On mobile, Demio has native browser support for latest versions of both iOS and Android OS. Any Attendees joining an event on mobile will be able to join directly through their Unique Join Link.


Firewall Issue

If you click the webinar link and are directed to the Demio site, but don’t progress beyond seeing the image to the right, you likely have a corporate firewall issue. If that’s the case, for future reference please consider sharing the following with your IT department.

Demio uses dynamic IP addresses. You can ask your IT department to whitelist the below domains:

  • *.tokbox.com
  • *.opentok.com
  • *.demio.com

When it comes to the ports used by the Demio streaming service, they recommend:

  • Minimum: Require TCP port 443/8443 to be open. Some firewall/proxy rules only allow for SSL traffic over port 443. You will need to make sure that non-web traffic can also pass over this port.
  • Better: In addition to the minimum being met, Demio also recommends that UDP port 3478 is open.
  • Best: For the best possible experience, Demio recommends that UDP ports 1025 – 65535 be open.

We hope this information helps.