For many, finding gratitude and peace during this year’s holiday season will be difficult. 2020 has challenged and changed us.

The news media is regularly filled with stories contributing to our collective sense of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. Each morning comes with fresh expectations that we will have to adapt for whatever lies ahead. While we may be resilient and ready, it is normal to crave social interaction and miss our longstanding routines.

Take heart, you are not alone. That’s become abundantly clear based on the popular message of “It’s OK Not to be OK,” from the likes of swimmer Michael Phelps and this public health campaign in Ohio. In fact, the Mayo Clinic’s first tip to prevent holiday stress and depression is to acknowledge your feelings. And if you need some additional seasonal assistance, the Center for Disease Control’s How Right Now is another timely resource.

You have the power to reset. Pause and breath. Yes, breathe. It’s simple, free, and effective. Once we stop for a moment to take a breath (or two or three…), then we can acknowledge how we feel. We can find empathy and understanding for a situation in that moment. We can make a good decision, even if all we have are hard choices.

In the midst of a spirited “discussion,” a colleague recently reminded us that “perfect” comes in many forms. Sometimes, a change of perspective is all you need to redefine a moment.